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We specialise in producing, curating and designing site-sensitive experiences which are based on the history or legacy of the buildings or locations in which they are held. A lot of our work is crowd sourced, or puts the community or audience at the heart of the production.


We have been making work together since 2010, including the production and design of Secret Cinema until 2013; production of site sensitive work for the London Contemportary Orchestra; productions for The National Trust; and the Production and Curation of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s InTRANSIT summer arts commissions.


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We have led productions and made work for -


Aldeburgh Festival, Bompass & Parr, The Hospital Club, London Contemporay Orchestra (RPS shortlist 2013),  Secret Cinema, London Symphony Orchestra, Shakespeare's Globe, Opera Holland Park, RAMBERT, Roundhouse, Saatchi Gallery, Vivienne Westwood, Wilderness Festival, Frogner Dance, Tim Casson, Neo Futurist Collective, The National Trust.

Photo - Andy Aderinto

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